Thursday, October 28, 2010

Spirit Week for Danielle

October 28, 2010

It's Red Ribbon Week at Danielle's school. Each day has its own playful, fun theme. As always, Danielle has her own style goin' on.

An original Design by Danielle Crazy Day hat.

Crazy hair day. Seriously, even when she spends an hour doing her hair, it still hangs in her face!

I think the favorite part of Spirit Week is Friday, though. It's Parent-Teacher Conference Day, which means no school for the kids. I meet with Danielle's teacher tomorrow afternoon, and I anticipate a positive meeting. She's loving sixth grade!

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  1. That's some great creativity! I'm taking my kids to get their haircuts today (on their own day off from school, too!) in a no doubt feeble attempt to get it out of their face thanks to a boy who now wants to just grow his out longer than it already is!