Saturday, October 8, 2011

Big Fresno Fair

October 7, 2011

October means our annual family tradition of taking in all that the Big Fresno Fair has to offer. Doug actually had last Thursday off of work, so during the day we texted with each other and decided it would be an ideal day to take the kids to the fair. On Thursdays there's no soccer practice and no drama rehearsal, so it was perfect. As soon as school was over for the day, we packed the kids up into the car and set off for an evening of Fair Fun.

The first stop was the barn area. Doug's favorite is the cows, I love to see the ewes and their kids, Nicholas loves to try to make the roosters crow, and Danielle would spend hours looking at the bunnies if we'd let her.
The fair is my favorite place to get super sour dill pickles. My mouth waters just thinking about them. Then there's the corn dogs, grilled corn, gyros, garlic fries, funnel cakes.... So much good food! Fair day means taking a break from all reasonable food choices. It's a conscious decision we're okay with. Because it's fair food, you know?
Savemart was one of the sponsors of this year's fair. I thought this super-sized shopping cart was totally cool. It's motorized--you can actually get up in the top basket and drive the thing. Well--WE couldn't. Apparently only a special super Savemart driver can actually drive it.

Next up, we stopped into the exhibits buildings. We like to spend a lot of time in there, since we've got some friends who enter some of the contests (food, crafts), and since I often have students who've entered into the art or photography contests. Danielle suggested that next year we all make a family project out of entering into some of the exhibit contests next year, and we decided Danielle would enter art, I could enter photography, Doug could enter in the baking category, and Nicholas would build something. We have a goal, and will spend next summer encouraging each other in our family project. I think it will be a lot of fun!
The midway!

This was the best money we spent at the fair this year. They had an attraction called Walk on Water. For $8, you got to be zipped into a giant hamster ball. Once in, the hamster ball is fully inflated and set afloat on the water in a giant kiddie wading pool. We paid for both Nicholas and Danielle to give it a try. They spent a good ten minutes trying to stand up and 'walk' the ball across the pool--with hilarious results. Neither one of them could manage to stay upright for more than a few seconds before flipping backward or tumbling into a forward roll. No matter how many times they fell sprawled out on their rears or on wobbly hands and knees, they valiantly tried to get back up again. When their turns were finished, they crawled out of the hamster balls smiling and dripping with sweat from their workout. As much fun as they had, I had even more fun laughing at their attempts. By far the best money we spent at the fair!

My strong men....
Near the end of a great night.

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