Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Jetsons Got Some Things Right

October 4, 2011

Remember when we were little and loved to watch The Jetsons? Maybe a robot maid isn't in every home, and we're not traveling through the air in space jets, but t.v.s that could talk back to you and see you? Two way video chatting? What a cool concept that was! Mr. Spacely could call George any time he wanted to check in about work. George could apologize 'face-to-face' to Jane for having to stay late at the office. Judy could show her mom an outfit she wanted to buy. Judy could have a quick look in on Elroy and Astro just to make sure they were okay. No matter where they were, they were always just a little click of the screen away. It was a futuristic dream.

The future is now, though. Have you ever really thought about how much technology has made itself a ubiquitous part of our lives? We take it all for granted so much of the time. Skype--The Jetsons two-way screen of our day--is really an amazing advancement in communication. Sure, video conference calls have been around for awhile, but Skype is everywhere now. It's not just for businessmen with the latest and most expensive technology. Everyone with an iPhone or a laptop can Skype with someone across town or across the world. It can even let this mama see her beautiful little girl, a freshman in college and six hours away, so that it doesn't feel like she's so far from home. We text all the time, and chat on the phone of course, but oh, it does my heart good to see her happy smile. It's the next best thing to a visit home.


  1. Technology really is amazing. I can't really imagine my life without the internet - it would be so lonely.

    I'd still like one of those flying cars though...

  2. Yep, I love me some technology! We Skype with M's parents in Michigan so they can see Emma Kate. It's GREAT! And I've skyped with friends that live in other states too.