Sunday, October 16, 2011

Look Who Went to the High School Dance

October 16, 2011

Nicholas attended his first high school dance last night. Actually, it was his first school dance since the Mother-Son dances in elementary school--he never had any interest in the junior high dances. I was really excited that he wanted to go; he's told me that he's 'trying to be more social'. He didn't go with anyone in particular--he just knew of some of his friends who were going, so he wanted to go hang out. I told him I'd be happy to buy his ticket, as long as he made two concessions--he had to let me take a picture of him, and he had to wear a shirt with a collar. (He grumbled a little at both, but conceded.)

I think it was a success. He said he didn't really dance, but he got to hang out with some of his friends. I almost expected him to call and ask to be picked early, but he stayed until the end and said he had a good time. I think my little boy is growing up (and becoming more social, to boot!)

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