Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

October 31, 2011

Once again, the Halloween spirit transformed our house into the creepiest place in the neighborhood. Amazingly, the transformation took place in literally a day this year. I was out of town for Family Weekend at San Diego State, and Doug's work schedule kept him away most days until after dark. While I was away on the day before Halloween, Doug dragged out all the bins full of spiderwebs and tombstones and the creepy once-a-year inhabitants of our yard and created the atmosphere our neighbors have come to expect. We didn't get home until very late on the day before Halloween, and by that time, nearly all was ready. On the day of Halloween, while he and I put last minute finishing touches on the yard, the kids got to work gutting their pumpkins and creating their jack-o-lantern masterpieces.
The newest inhabitant of our yard this year.
Last year's star attraction was just as awful and creepy this year.
The full effect in the daytime.
Eric, resident ghost who actually stays around until after Christmas in our yard. (He is the greeter of Halloween, and the Ghost of Christmas Past, festooned in a Santa hat as soon as Thanksgiving has passed.)
My punk rockers, complete with purple hair. Notice the extra-special sullen look? They practice those looks sporadically throughout the year so as to enhance the costumes.

Personally, I find it just a tad disturbing how well Danielle managed to pull off this punk rock princess look. On the one hand, I thought, "That's awesome!" On the other hand, I was thinking, "Oh man--I could be in trouble if she decides she looks awesome!"

The zombie Justin rattling his cage.

Danielle's jack-o-lantern.
The Caretaker is something of a celebrity in the neighborhood. Kids come back again each year, looking for him. Those who aren't too scared to get close are welcome to take a picture with him.

Zombie Justin says hello to Zoe. She didn't seem particularly thrilled.

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