Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bravo Cheese Factory

November 24, 2011

On the way home from the Porterville game, Danielle and I decided to stop and check out Bravo Cheese Farms, a kitschy little tourist stop on the way back to Clovis. I've passed by that place a hundred times on the way back home from southern California, and although it had caught my eye many times, it had never really occurred to me to stop. I have to give credit for the idea to Doug, actually, would love to have joined us, had he not been called to work on Saturday. Of course, once he said it, it made perfect sense. Danielle and I had some mother-daughter time to ourselves after the game, and after all, what's not to love about a place that's all about cheese? I'm a big fan of cheese. Danielle and I got to do a little cheese tasting and wander through their shops and outdoor patios. It's a fun little place! We also decided to have lunch at their little cafe, which oddly. did not feature cheese prominently in any of their menu items, with the exception of macaroni and cheese. I was a little disappointed, honestly--not even a cheese platter for an appetizer! Ah well. Despite that little shortcoming, it was well worth our detour on the way home. Danielle has already asked to go back again!
Two of my favorite signs. They had signs all over the place--inside, outside, walls, ceilings. These two happened to be in the bathroom. I felt a little weird about taking a picture in a bathroom, but as you can see, not so weird that it was a deterrent.
Danielle having her lunch at the cafe.

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