Thursday, December 1, 2011

Birthday Dinner for Miss Danielle

December 1, 2011

Is it really possible that I now officially have three teenagers? Miss Danielle turned 13 this year! She decided she wanted to celebrate her birthday dinner at Giuseppe Gallo's where Miss Krissie took great care of us. She even brought Danielle a special birthday gelato--I think a little birdie named Auntie Cheryl told her we were coming in : ) Such a fun night. You just can't beat an evening of talking, laughing, and great food. I adore our family mealtimes together!

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  1. Gosh, where does the time go...last time I dropped by (sorry for my absence) seems like they were so little (even though it wasn't that long ago).

    Makes me look at my daughter (who's twenty-four) and wonder where I've been these last dozen years!!

    It looks like you really enjoy your children - the smiles speak volumes.

    Cheers, Jenny