Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kelly's Got a Brand New Toy

December 29, 2011

Kelly got a new toy.....well, sort of. In our annual moving-around-of-stuff-to accomodate-Christmas-decorations, Doug moved Kelly's scratching post from the front hallway to the back of the living room. Mind you, that scratching post has been in our home for I'd say two years, easily, and Kelly hasn't so much as sniffed at it--at least not after the first week or so. It's only been through apathy on our part that it hasn't been sent off to another home with a cat who doesn't put on airs about playthings. And yet, as soon as the thing acquired a new landing spot in the household, Kelly suddenly acted like she'd found the most amazing, incredible gift. She couldn't get enough! Here's a couple of shots of her playing with her 'new' toy.

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