Sunday, January 29, 2012

One of My Favorite Times of the Year

January 29, 2012

Recently I found this picture on the internet:
I'm pretty much right there. I love the time of year when Thin Mints make their arrival back on the scene. Sure, there are other cookies, but Thin Mints are the gold standard. I'm a little addicted, but I don't like people to know exactly how addicted. People judge--I know they do. They say, "Sure, I love Thin Mints as much as the next guy." But take a look at their faces when you tell them that you've ordered sixteen boxes from the neighborhood Girl Scout. Oh yes, they judge. So I buy only four boxes from the neighborhood Girl Scout. And two boxes each from my nieces--you've gotta be supportive, you know. (Thank you, Lisa, for putting all three girls in Girl Scouts. You probably didn't do it just to be an enabler, but it worked out like that, anyway.) And then, for good measure, I go to two or three different grocery stores, just as if I'm going into the stores to buy fresh produce or some other healthy food. I make my purchases, then I wander out the door nonchalantly, as if I didn't notice the Girl Scouts exercising their entrepreneurial skills outside the store. How could I say no to girls who look so earnest and hopeful in their endeavor? Certainly I'll buy a couple of boxes. At each location.

All of that is the easy part in hiding just how many Thin Mints I need to purchase each year. The hard part is finding hiding spots in my house, so that my kids (and the hubby, for that matter), don't dip into my private stash. Did I mention I also buy Oreos for the family, just to throw them all off the scent of Thin Mints? Seriously--stop judging.

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