Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Check Mark On My Life List

September 11, 2012

Well, I've done it.  I've managed to put a little check next to one of the items on my Life List.  (A Life List is basically a Bucket List, but Lisa and I have had our Life Lists much longer than The Bucket List movie has been around, and I refuse to give credit to the movie for our idea.  Plus, I just don't like the word 'bucket'.)

Anyway, one of the items on my Life List is to submit my photography to a photography competition.  Last year at the Fresno Fair, Danielle and I decided that she should enter some of her artwork and I should enter my photography to compete at the fair, and today I dropped of eight pictures to be judged and displayed this year.  (Danielle's Junior exhibits--two photographs, two pencil drawings, and one acrylic art piece--are due to be dropped off this Saturday.)  Now, I don't expect to actually win anything; that's not what my Life List goal is.  I'm just proud of myself that I followed through and did it finally.  I'm really proud of the pictures, too, and I think it's going to be pretty cool to walk through the Fine Arts Exhibit this year and see my work up there on the wall next to some really interesting and beautiful photos.

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