Thursday, September 20, 2012

Alright, Alright...I'll Go to the Doctor

September 20, 2012

Several weeks ago I threw caution to the wind, pretended I was the age I am in my head (somewhere in the mid-twenties), rather than the silly numerical age I actually am, and took on a few forward flips with my sister on the trampoline.  "We can totally do this!" said the voice inside my head.  "POP! SNAP!" said the ligament in my knee.

Despite not being able to put any real weight on it for a couple of days, a little ice and a lot of Advil set things to right (mostly), and I decided to ignore the signs and pretend it never happened. It was mostly easy to do, except for a slip-slidey kneecap that occasionally clicked and crackled and then felt like mushy applesauce. What's a little loss of strength?  A little loss of movement? A little loosey-goosey limb? It turns out, a lot.  kneeling down to get cans out of my lower cupboard was not a problem.  Standing back up again didn't so much work.  A few situations like that made me realize that my knee was not healing on its own as much as I hoped it would.

So when Danielle's soccer coach advised me to get Danielle's knees checked out (she had been complaining of aches and pains), I decided I might as well get myself checked out as well.  Danielle, luckily, has no serious injury.  A little ice and Advil and strengthening exercises will get her back on track.  The popping in my knee, however, gave my doctor some concern.  After examining my knee, she called for some x-rays and an MRI and determined that a torn ligament was likely the cause of my problems. 

So now we wait for the MRI for the final verdict, and then I find out where we go from there.   I figure a little physical therapy and we'll be good to go--back on track.  Or maybe even back on the trampoline.

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