Sunday, January 10, 2021

Adventure Time

January 10, 2021

For  Christmas, I got my sister a scratch-off Adventure Book.  I was so excited about it, I got myself one too.  The idea is there are 50 different activities in the book, with a little hint about what time of day you should do it, how much it might cost, and how long it will take.  The actual challenge is hidden, and you have to scratch off the top layer (like a lottery ticket) to see what the challenge is.  Once you reveal it, you can't change your mind--you have to do it!  We actually did a couple when we were at Lisa's during Christmas, but this one was a solo activity. All of them are random and creative, meant to get people out of their comfort zones in some way.  My challenge today was to go buy a succulent, name it, talk to it, and even give it a backstory, then give it away to someone would like it.  Meet Meghan.  (She's the light colored one in upper right hand corner.)  She survived a terrible accident, but miraculously survived, supported by all her close friends, which you can also see in the photo.  I haven't delivered her to her new home yet, so I can't reveal who the new owner will be!

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