Wednesday, January 20, 2021


 January 20, 2021

I anxiously held my breath today, and in fact have been doing so for the past four years.  Today, on this historic day, I finally exhale.  Today's inauguration was smooth, filled with decorum befitting the day, and inspiring.  I am thankful for the abundance of protections put in place to allow the ceremonies to proceed without incident.  In addition to restoring respectfulness to the Office of the Presidency, it cannot be overstated how empowering it is to see, finally, a powerful, intelligent, and driven woman take the oath of office beside the President as his Vice President, and to see representation of diverse members of our country up on the stage.

In just one of many inspiring moments today, Amanda Gorman took the stage as the youngest inaugural poet laureate.  Her message-- a moving call for moving forward--spoken with passion and poise, was beautifully and articulately delivered.  She moved me to tears.  She gave me hope. 

Today was everything I hoped it would be.  There is tough work ahead, and a long arduous journey toward undoing damage that has been done.  I am looking to you, Mr. President and Madam Vice President, to set the tone and lead the way.  The rest of us need to be willing to help get the work done.

It is time.  Exhale.  The new beginning is here.

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