Monday, May 24, 2010

CSF Banquet, 2010

May 27, 2010

Monday night was our annual CSF Banquet, and I was honored to attend as sponsor for Miss Taylor Ewy. I first met Taylor when she was a freshman in my Honors 9 class, and was thrilled to have her again this year as a senior in my World Literature class. Taylor is one of the sweetest, smartest, and most responsible kids I know. On top of that, we share a love of movies, so I've had a wonderful time chatting about that with her this year. For the record, by the way, anyone who loves and appreciates The Princess Bride and His Gal Friday automatically makes my list of cool people.

Taylor and me

Jessica Wang and Taylor Ewy

Quincy Barnes, Kyle Cadigan, Taylor Ewy

Paolina Fisher
Kristi Weisbrod and me

Me with my friends Victory Pope and Allison Swearengen

Victory, me, and Lyric Buckner

The formidable foursome: Denise Lum, Connor Winn, Adam Nitido, and Ann Kim
Angela Medina and Taylor Ewy
Connor and Adam
Carlie Flaugher, Angie Neathery, Haley Lunquist, Diksha Punia
Jessica Wang and me
Kira Kaur, Ani Miranian, and Andre Ovalle
Megan Zwetsloot and Tianci Liu
Corinne DenHartog and me

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