Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day, Part 2

May 11, 2010

I wanted to include some additional photos from Mother's Day--some of the candid shots I got, and some of the extended family pictures. Doug's mom and step-dad traveled up for the weekend, so we got his whole side of the family together to celebrate Mother's Day. Lisa (Doug's sister) and Larry hosted, and his brother Steve was there as well. We also got Doug's dad to come for lunch along with his friend Mary Grace. Lisa's son Justin was there with his fiancee Courtney and her son John, and all of my kids were there as well (even though Brianna had to work the first part of the morning).

In addition to all the great pictures I got (which was one of the best gifts, along with the fact that everyone seemed to be in a really good mood), my kids got me some thoughtful gifts. Nicholas had a card attached to his that was especially perfect....

Danielle included some handmade items in her gift bag to me, which I thought was adorable. I've got these on display in my classroom. (The first one is made with push-pins, and the second with Legos hot-glued on a piece of cardboard.)

Brianna sent me three or four texts throughout the day telling me how much she loved me and thanking me for being her mom. I can't tell you how much these things all made me smile and count my blessings. They got me candles and cards and candy and clothes, but what they really got me was far more important than all of those things. I really love being their mom and seeing the people they are growing into as they get older. Sure, they're kids, and kids don't always make the best decisions (and let's face it--who does?), but they USUALLY do, and I couldn't be prouder to be their mom.

Cousins Nicholas and Justin, doing what they do best: rough-housing and wrestling.

Doug's sister Lisa, and their mom, Estelle.

Lisa, Estelle, and Justin

Bree with John-John (Courtney and Justin's little man).

Bree and Doug in a heart-to-heart.

Bree and Justin.

John-John sporting some fancy ribbons: )

Justin and Courtney

Miss Danielle

Me. I let someone else have the camera for a little bit.

Me and my little snuggle-bunny.

Sisters in a sweet moment.

Justin getting some huggin' from John.

Tough boys at it again. Nicholas had just attempted to knock over Justin again. Attempted. Notice which one is on his way down to the ground...

Danielle and John feeding the Koi fish.

Estelle with her boys, Doug and Steve.

Lisa, Doug, and Steve with their mom and dad, Estelle and Fritz.

Nicholas bonding with Bailey. (Bailey is a Golden Retriever. Nicholas is Golden Retriever-like.)

Lisa, Doug, and Steve with their mom and step-dad (Estelle and Scott).
Justin and Courtney.

The whole gang: Fritz, Mary Grace, Lisa, Larry, John, Courtney, Justin, Danielle, Estelle, Doug, Me, Steve, Brianna, Scott, and Nicholas.

Cheesy-grin from Danielle.

A peaceful moment for all the whirling dervishes in our midst.

Danielle and her Aunt Lisa.

Danielle and her mommy (me!)

Bailey, worn out from a long and satisfying day.

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