Tuesday, May 18, 2010


May 18, 2010

Saturday was Brianna's spring dance recital for her dance p.e. class. They decided to do something different this year, so instead of jazz, they choreographed and performed a Bollywood number. Bree's friend Amber had lots of outfits in her family that they donated to the girls in the routine, so she actually gets to keep hers. (I think the color is really great on her!) I didn't get great pictures of the routine during the show, since they don't allow photography, but one of her friends took some great pictures back stage. (Normally I don't let the whole 'no photography' thing get in the way of me taking pictures of my kids. I took pictures clandestinely, but none came out very clear.)

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  1. I'm a closet Bollywood lover. I look forward to the Bollywood numbers on SYTUCD, and even listed to the new channel on Siruis/XM!