Sunday, June 5, 2011

Grad Nite 2011

June 5, 2011

Every year our seniors make the trek to Disneyland for the celebration known as Grad Nite. After they close down the park for the regular park visitors, they open up the gates for thousands of graduating seniors to roam through the world of Mickey until sunrise.

Off and on through the years I've been happy to chaperone the trip, especially since the bulk of my students are seniors. This year, as I have said before, is a particularly special year because I've known so many of the kids since they were very young, so I thought I'd jump on the Disney bus once again. I even convinced my hubby to come along so we could have a Disney date night. Bree and all of her drama and choir friends were on our bus--best bus I've ever chaperoned!

At California Adventures, and later, Disneyland, Doug and I got to go on several rides and explore the park together. Doug thinks I might have undersold just how many teenagers were going to be sharing Disneyland with us--quite an unbelievable number, if you've never experienced it--but it was really a fun night.
Bree with Jeff Erickson and Aaron Jameson

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