Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tigers Are Unstoppable

June 25, 2011

Tonight the Tigers faced a doubleheader, but they were more than prepared. With a full roster of girls in attendance, the girls were fierce and determined to make it a memorable night. Danielle played goalie for the first game, and she got her taste of her first shut-out, as the girls scored twelve goals while holding their opponents at zero. For the second game, Danielle jumped in on the field, regaining her footing at defender and mid-field, and even stepping in as forward for part of the game. Although she loves goalie and feels most at home there, she felt pretty good knowing that she could still move out on the field as well, assisting in the team's final 13-3 score.

Two more games on the season, and the girls have a great chance of pulling off first place. What a great group of girls, and what a great coach they have!

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  1. Watching the games was never as relaxing as today! Unfortunately the cost of winning was high today since I just heard that Sanice fractured her arm. After Tuesdays game we will have two tough ones at the end of the season.
    Go Tigers!