Friday, April 6, 2012

Buchanan Bird Brains

April 6, 2012

I have been so incredibly impressed with the Buchanan Robotics Team--The Buchanan Bird Brains--this year. Nicholas, as a freshman, has been welcomed whole-heartedly and he feels completely at home in that group. In many organizations, the seniors might ignore the younger kids or find them superfluous, but the kids in this organization have made a pointed effort to be inclusive and to really mentor and train the underclassmen who will eventually carry on their legacy. And what a legacy it is! It is utterly astounding the level of expertise and professionalism that is evident in this organization. These are truly the kids who are going to go out into the world of engineering, programming, marketing, architecture, computer animation--any number of fields--and find themselves on the cutting edge.

Nicholas at the Central Valley Regional tournament. His job at the tournament was scouting out the other teams' robots to find optimal partner options for the alliance rounds. His experience this year expanded his interest from just the build team to CAD (Computer Aided Design) and marketing as well.

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