Sunday, April 29, 2012

Make Over

April 29, 2012

Our home got a little bit of a make-over yesterday.   After waiting more than three weeks longer than the original delivery estimate, our new blinds came in and we finally got to set up an installation date for blinds for the study, the dining room, and the back patio door.  Our old blinds were the thin, plastic white ones that were probably put in when the house was built, and they had definitely seen better days.  Kelly had even managed to break off a couple of slats in the front room to give her a better kitty view on the window sill.  I imagine she'll be less than excited to find that she'll have to find a new vantage point to do her bird-watching.

We couldn't be happier with the new look of our home, although Doug and I were pretty amused to walk in and find this on the coffee table.  It didn't inspire confidence that the installer--the owner of the company, no less--left his "How To" instructions out for easy reference.  To be fair, we didn't actually see him consult the directions, and the finished product looks great.

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