Sunday, April 15, 2012

Five Years Seem Like the Blink of an Eye

April 15, 2012

We just celebrated our five year anniversary. It seems like it has flown by, and yet it seems like we've been together for ever, too. Every day I'm thankful that I get to spend the rest of my life with someone who loves me for who I am--the good and the not-so-good--, who makes me laugh, and who respects me. Our anniversary day was low-key, but a very full day, nonetheless. We took the kids to roam around the Big Hat Days festivities in the afternoon, and we chose our gifts for each other while we were there. We've been following the traditional anniversary gifts so far, and the fifth anniversary gift is wood. This one was a little challenging for both of us, so we decided to pick our gifts out together. (Doug will point out here that he shouldn't have been difficult at all to find a gift for, since his two primary hobbies are playing pool and playing guitar, both of which, conveniently, have to do with wood. However, as we are on a budget, and good guitars and pool cues cost hundreds of dollars, I was still at a loss.)

Anyway, at the Big Hat Days street fair, there was a vendor selling miniature guitars--the perfect size for him to take onto his truck for lulls in work or for his lunch hour. We also found a vendor that made lovely wall hangings (framed with wood, naturally), and our gift-giving was complete.Later that night we went to our sentimental sweetheart dinner spot in downtown Clovis--DiCicco's. Doug had called ahead for reservations and told them it was our anniversary, so we were welcomed warmly and treated like VIPs. We go there every year for our anniversary, but they really went all out for us this time. They even set aside the front window table just for us. Later, we met up with several of our friends for karaoke and sang until closing time. Pretty close to a perfect day, if you ask me.

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