Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Aunt Dolores

November 3, 2010

My Great Aunt Dolores passed away early today, after a quadruple bypass surgery. I'm so thankful that she and Aunt Margaret made the trip out here to California to visit her sister, my Grandma. We got to spend quite a bit of time together on that visit, and Doug and the kids all got to know my aunts while they were here. They loved them, of course. (They also thought it was funny that I so quickly and easily fell into my Oklahoma accent within minutes of being around them.) Aunt Dolores was a fire-cracker of a woman, with a great sense of humor and fantastic laugh and a no-nonsense, take-charge, straight-forward attitude. And naturally, a fantastic southern accent. She was also a fanatic about her sports, and hated cooking--she and her husband of 65 years were big fans and patrons of the local diners. All I know is that when I'm her age, I hope to have to same zest for life and positive outlook she had. Rest in peace, Aunt Dolores. We love you, and we'll miss you.