Sunday, November 14, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

November 14, 2010

Danielle and I had our own little Girls' Night Out last week when we went to see a Broadway Across America production of Beauty and the Beast. We decided to get dressed up and make a fancy night of it, just we two. Our seats were pretty good, even though we were up in the balcony. For a show with such grand productions as "Be Our Guest", sometimes a field of vision from a bit farther away is more desirable than being up close and personal. The moving sets were pretty spectacular, and the characters were just as endearing as the characters we both loved from the Disney movie. Danielle and I both decided our favorite number was a beer-stein-tapping number in the tavern with Gaston and the locals. The choreography was a lot of fun to watch. I think since Danielle's getting ready to be in her own school's production that runs next week, it was especially cool for her to get to see actors in top form entertaining their audiences.

Although we both really enjoyed the show and thought it was well-worth the price of admission, I think we both loved even more just getting to spend Mommy-Daughter time together. We rounded out the evening with ice-cream Sundaes after the show. Wonderful night!

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