Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yeah, We're a Little Weird

November 14, 2010

Some of you might recognize Eric. Eric became part of our Halloween celebration several years ago, presiding over our 'dressed-up-for-the-holiday' lawn. He holds court over the graveyard and all the creepies and ghoulies that inhabit our yard in October. A few years ago we decided to keep Eric around even after we packed up the Halloween graveyard, and he became our honorary Ghost of Christmas Past through December. We realized, however, that Eric seems a little awkward hanging out in the yard in the Thanksgiving interim between his two holidays, so this year we bought him a little something so that he could feel like he was playing a part in the Thanksgiving festivities as well. Eric looks pretty dapper in his Fall hat, don't you think?


  1. I may have nightmares tonight. It will be ALL your fault!

  2. Zoë is afraid of Eric. I have to hold her hand when we come over!!

  3. The obvious solution. I love it. Although I have a bit of a prejudice against the undead - very set in my ways on that, sorry.