Monday, November 8, 2010

Dressed Up and Ready to Party

November 8, 2010

Due to her early arrival, Miss Zoe got to be guest of honor at her own baby shower. Grandma Lisa and Great Grandma Estelle hosted a shower to celebrate. Based on the gifts she received, that little girl is going to be one snappy dresser! (She's off to a good start--check out the party dress and tiny dress shoes she was wearing--adorable!) The best part was that while Mama Courtney and Daddy Justin were opening presents, Uncle Doug and Aunt Donna got some baby-holdin' time in!


  1. That dress is awesome!! Congratulations to all!

    Sorry I've been so absent as of late - going to try to get reconnected. Thanks for your most recent comment - hope all is well!!

  2. What a sweet, sweet girl! And I think all baby showers should be when the baby is present. Then the focus is less on humiliating the mother.