Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bah Humbug!

November 18, 2010

The curtain finally rose on Danielle's elementary school play, Bah Humbug, this week. After weeks of hard work--nearly every day after school--the kids got to show off their skills in a retelling of A Christmas Carol. When Danielle first decided she wanted to audition for drama in 4th grade, I was a little skeptical. She struggled with speech issues when she was very young, and there was still some residual effect even then, although she had made great strides in improving her speech by that time. In 4th grade, she was cast as a chorus member, and by the time the play wrapped up, she was hooked and already looking forward to the next year's production. In fifth grade, she was once again cast as a chorus member, and again had a positive experience.

This year when the cast list went up, she was thrilled to find she'd landed a speaking role. She had several lines, along with some songs along with the rest of the chorus. I was so proud to see her up on stage, not looking nervous or sheepish, projecting her voice and enunciating clearly--something I could never have done at her age, by the way. She did a beautiful job, as all the kids did and I loved getting to see her in both of the evening performances. I'm thrilled that she is already thinking about continuing on with drama as she heads into junior high next year.

Ashley Riordan, Emma Zamora, Danielle, and Danielle Jenkins

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