Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bree's Winter Choir Concert

December 13, 2010

Two Mondays in a row of winter choir concerts. Bree's winter concert is a huge production involving all of the high school choirs, the orchestra, and the band. This isn't much different from Danielle's choir concert, except that these are kids who, by and large, choose to be in these organizations (rather than participating because their parents think it would be 'fun'). Most of these kids have been refining their talent for several years by this time, and the level of performance professionalism is quite impressive. They sounded great!

Bree, Nicole Meister, and Simone Leighty

Bree and me
Bree and Macie Mellor

Bree, Shelby Jett, Alberto Martin, and Austin Woodard
Austin and me

Maddy Roubicek's solo

Austin and Dhan
Emily Blake, Natalie Meier, and Kendra Carlson

Nicole, Simone, and Maddy
Anna Haines and Macie Mellor
Shelby and Bree

Kaitlyn, Mallory, Layla, Bree, and Shelby
Macie and her parents, Greg and Cindi

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