Friday, December 10, 2010

Teenaged Boys are Like Attention-Challenged Puppies

December 10, 2010

For Nicholas' 14th birthday party this year (just like the previous three), we let him invite seven of his good friends to join him at Laser Quest to play a few rounds of laser tag. What can I say? Boys are creatures of habit. I don't think he even considered any other kind of party--he and his friends love that place! Running around, sweating up a storm, attacking each other from secret sniper positions, forming alliances (and then breaking them)--makes them feel manly and powerful, I guess. I think that's why Doug, Steve, and Justin all like to join them, too. The big boys play just as hard. Me? I have a tendancy to scream like a girl when I get tagged with a laser, attracting the attention of all the other would-be shooters in the vicinity. Let's just say I would not make a good ninja. I'm a lover, not a fighter.

The boys, however, as I have said, were in seventh heaven. Before we even took them to play laser tag, we treated them all to burgers and fries at Colorado Grill, so they got their carnivore itch scratched before they went on their hunting mission. Yup, we cater to the basic boy needs here. And the gifts? Star Wars, video games, and Nerf guns. More adventure, more hunting, more competition. And he completely loved it.

Someday, Nicholas will turn his thoughts away from Star Wars and Legos and Nerf guns . He'll start thinking about girls and driving, and even going off to college someday. In the meantime, I'm going to go ahead and enjoy the unbridled joy those boys find in the invincibility of fighting for the position of king of the laser world for as long as it lasts.

Edward, Collin, and Nicholas at Colorado Grill
Robbie, Ryan, Daniel, Nicholas, Collin, Edward, and Nolan--Warrior Boys
Gift from Doug and Me. I think Doug had just as much fun picking it out as Nicholas did unwrapping it.

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  1. You did it perfectly, because he got EXACTLY what he wanted. I have to admit that I've had a great time playing laser tag too!