Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Time Flies--These November Birthdays Are Killin' Me

December 1, 2010
When she was born, she had a shock of jet black hair sticking straight up like a kewpie doll. Now, she's got long, thick, golden brown hair cascading down her back.

When she was one she was just learning to walk, haltingly, hesitatingly. Now she sprints across the goalie box, diving and rolling to make the save in soccer.

When she was two she didn't talk much, but she made up for it in spirit and energy. Now, though she chatters away, she still can convey so much without uttering a sound.

When she was three she loved Disney and dancing. Now, she's a budding artist and singer.

When she was four she loved her Carebear, unable to go to sleep at night without him. Now, Carebear is lovingly tucked away, a nostalgic reminder of "when she was little."

When she was five, she eagerly made her way off to school. Now, she's nearly ready to head off to the big world of junior high.

When she was six she loved Blues Clues and Bear in the Big Blue House. Now she's graduated to iCarly and George Lopez.

When she was seven she discovered her love of reading. Now she can't wait to dig into new series and meet new characters.

When she was eight, she was still shy and sometimes unsure. Now, I see a confidence growing within her.

When she was nine she discovered drama, and realized she enjoyed being on stage. Now, she's been in three drama productions and hopes to continue on through high school.

When she was ten, she really began to show some independence. Now, she chafes at being called a little kid, eager to show us what she can accomplish.

When she was eleven, it was yesterday. And now, suddenly, she's twelve, and ready to take on the world.

Happy Birthday, Miss Danielle, and thanks for still wanting me to sing you to bed with a lullaby at night.

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!! Your kids b--days are close, huh?