Friday, December 10, 2010

End of the Year Party--Garfield Dynomite

December 10, 2010

We had Garfield Dynomite's end of the year party not long ago. We all went out for pizza at Jake's Pizzeria. When the coaches handed out trophies and team pictures, they said something nice about each of the girls and how they contributed to the team. Coach Roger and Coach Bob both said that Danielle had definitely saved a few games for us by being an aggressive and active goalie all season.
As team mom, I organized a game of "Soccer Bingo" that the girls all got to play. They were pretty excited about getting to win prizes. One of the dads who is a professional photographer put together a slideshow of 300 pictures he'd taken over the course of the season, and he burned a copy of the pictures on disks to give to each of the girls. We also had taken up a collection to give each of the coaches a gift certificate to a local restaurant, so they could take their wives out to dinner to make up for all the time they spent away from their own families to volunteer their time coaching our girls.
I was really excited to have every single girl be able to make it for the end of the year party to celebrate their season. It was really a great group of girls and a great group of parents. Although I won't miss the early morning Saturday games, I really am going to miss all of these kids!

Raquel and Danielle

Ruslana, Alyssa, and Micaylah
Brynn and Chrissy

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