Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fresno Indoor Frogs

January 30, 2011

Danielle and I were thrilled to find out there was a local indoor soccer league she could join in the off-season. My good friend owns an indoor soccer place, and she let me know they had a house team in search of a goalie for Danielle's age group. Since Danielle is really interested in trying out for the junior high team next year, we both thought this would be a fun way to keep her momentum going before next year's tryouts start up.

Doug really wanted to take her out and get her a goalie jersey, and she was very excited to go shopping with him. They went to a couple of soccer shops and looked at jerseys and goalie gloves, and talked about strategies and skills--they both really enjoyed their bonding time. Ultimately, she settled on this light blue jersey with navy accents, which looks cool and brings out her blue eyes.

Skinned knees, which she wears as a badge of honor. That girl will dive for a ball!

Fresno Indoor Soccer Frogs in action.

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