Monday, January 24, 2011

Girls' Night In

January 24, 2011

My girlfriend Lisa (Alicia) texted a few of us last week letting us know it was high time for a girls' night in. We all have kids and it's not always easy to get away all at the same time, so we decided we'd bring the kids with us to hang out and entertain each other at Lisa's house, and we'd get a little chance to indulge in some girly chattiness. We each brought something to contribute to a taco bar for dinner (super easy, so no one had to stress out about cooking), and let the kids play on the Wii while we sat around the table to do some much-needed catching up. We're all smart girls, so I can't for the life of me figure out why we've never done this before, but we had such a great time that we've decided to make it a monthly event. We all went to high school together, so it's really pretty cool that all of our kids are friends now. Here's to old-school, long-time girlfriends!

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