Sunday, January 23, 2011

Buchanan Area Concert

January 23, 2011

Danielle decided to join band this year for the first time. When she told the band director she'd be interested in playing the flute, he gave her two options. She could join beginning band and learn with the incoming fifth graders, or she could try out the advanced band with her sixth grade classmates and see if she could catch up to the kids who had already been playing for a year. She opted to join the advanced band, and her teacher said she's been doing a wonderful job keeping up with her band mates.

As part of the articulated program in our district, each high school hosts a concert comprised of the bands of the high school, the junior high, and each of the elementary feeder schools. The older kids get a chance to show the elementary kids what is possible with continued practice and dedication. The younger kids even get an opportunity to play a song together with the junior high band. Each of the bands, as well as the combined bands, sounded great!

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  1. I SO miss the days of band concerts! Enjoy every moment of them!