Sunday, January 30, 2011

To Be, Or Not To Be...

January 29, 2011

That is the question, no? For Bree, it was To Be Or Not To Be in our school's production of Hamlet. She wasn't thrilled about it; her interest falls much more in line with the musical theater variety of drama. There's not much singing or dancing or gallivanting about in Hamlet. Not much cavorting either, unless you count Ophelia's mad scene, which kind of doesn't count, because she doesn't even realize she cavorting. There's a lot of sadness and betrayal, some daddy issues and some self-esteem issues, and a pretty impressive body count by the end. Bree's like her mom--more likely to want to surround herself with puppies and kittens and rainbows. Happy ending sort of stuff, you know, where the guy gets the girl at the end, and they sing a song and live happily ever after. Anti-Hamlet, if you will.

But still, she found herself somewhat obliged (by virtue of her inclusion in the drama class), to be in the show. It was *ahem* suggested that she should be in it. To her chagrin, she learned that suddenly her after school free time became her after school rehearsal time, all for an opportunity to stand on stage and be A Lady In Waiting. And a lovely Lady In Waiting she was. And she found that as she rehearsed, as she waited, being in the play wasn't as bad as she thought it might be. Sure, it was time-consuming, but she got to hang out with lots of her good friends--likeminded theater arts kinds of folks--so waiting wasn't just waiting. It was spending time with people she loves. When I went to opening night last Thursday and met up with her after the show, she was positively glowing, absolutely in her element and floating on the comraderie and sense of family that grows among cast members of a show.

Bree, Austin, Berto, Aaron, Lena, Alyssa, and Marlo after the show.
Bree and Marlo
Bree and Austin
Bree and Skye

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  1. That will make a wonderful forever memory for her too. I'm so glad that she ended up loving it. :)