Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pizza Party! (A Hilarious Game Called Quelf)

July 5, 2011

My sister got me a hilarious game for Christmas called Quelf. Anybody ever heard of it? If not, I highly recommend you run right out and find yourself one and play it with family or friends (or both, if you're feeling daring). The object is to make your way around the board, advancing after rolling the dice. On each turn you land on a colored space and draw a corresponding card. The cards call on you to perform some action, start a new rule that everyone has to follow, or brainstorm lists from a given category. If you fail to complete the task within the required time limit, or even laugh while doing it--sometimes quite a feat in and of itself--you get penalty points and have to move backward. Seriously, some of the tasks are completely random, adding to hilarity of the game. For example, one of the cards read that, until another card reversed or changed the rule, if anyone's phone rang or the doorbell rang during the course of the game, everyone had to stop what they were doing, jump up, and yell, "Pizza Party!" The last one to jump and yell takes the penalty and moves backward on the board. It's honestly a little difficult to describe the game and do it justice, but just trust me on this--it's a great game. Be ready to laugh yourself silly!

Some of the other tasks our first round of the game--

The Staring Contest:

Devin, Giving the Pre-Flight Safety Talk While Doug Demonstrates:
Human Pretzel:
Taylor, Performing Her Best Ballet Routine:
Nicholas, Pantomiming Going Down (Or Up?) An Elevator:

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