Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Party, Take 6

February 28, 2011

And the winner is...all of us! Sunday night we hosted our sixth annual Oscar party, complete with a contest for the most correct Oscar picks and an appetizer contest. Perrenial front-runner David won the Oscar pool by proxy--he's a Bay Area guy and has never yet been able to make it to the party, though his ballot is painstakingly researched and always lands somewhere in the top three. Next year, though, he assures us he'll put in a real appearance, even if it means he'll have to take Monday off in order to do it. Last year's winner, Victor, came in a close second. I'm sure he was hoping he wasn't going to have to relinquish his Oscar statuette, but I suppose he'll have to come back next year to try to reclaim it.

Our appetizer contest makes for a yummy accompaniment to the festivities. We had pulled-pork sandwiches, meatballs, chili, cheese puffs, fried rice, cheese and corn dip, cookies, and cake all entered in the contest. Yes, we take the term 'appetizer' a little loosely, but it all just means we get lots of tasty food. This year's winner was D'Leo, with the pulled-pork sandwiches nobody could get enough of. I know some people who are already plotting what they can make next year to take the top spot in the competition, which is only good news for those of us who reap the benefits of all that fabulous planning and cooking.

Michele, Kelly, Rosa, and Me
Oscar--heading back to David's house for the next year.
Victor and Michelle
Doug and me
Courtney and Justin
Kelly and Rosa
Jim, looking like Secret Service
Jimmy and Doug
Christy and D'Leo
Movie fans, seat-fillers, paparazzi, and the like

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