Sunday, February 6, 2011

Parenting Is Not For Wimps

February 6, 2011

Have you ever had one of those days (or weeks) where you feel like you're just falling down on the job of parenting? When the offspring--pretty good ones, in general--suddenly conspire to test your every nerve and every bit of patience simultaneously? When one of them decides to perfect her dripping sarcasm? And uses her powers of intellect for evil--you know, quick-witted retorts and verbal parlays designed to cut an opponent down to size mercilessly? And another one decides this is the time to give a sloth a run for its money, so to speak, vying for the title of slowest-moving, most non-doing-anything creature known to man (including a marked aversion to any semblance of chores)? And another one decides to ratchet up the drama queen diva emotional roller coaster, giddy and cheerful one moment and reduced to tears for a seemingly unfathomable reason the next?

And if you have ever had one of those days (or weeks), don't you just love how it makes you feel? Completely second-guessing yourself at every turn, stepping outside of yourself to watch irrational arguments spiral out of control, defenses already on high from the previous crossing of wills? And don't you love how other caring, well-meaning people in your life want to tell you the 'right' way to have handled it, letting you know that here you have been far too harsh and quick to punishment, and here you have been the picture of leniency, allowing the child to take advantage of you? And how sometimes when you just want to vent and complain to blow off steam, it only makes you feel worse, because no matter what you did or how it turned out, you apparently did it incorrectly, and you should have either a) cut them some slack because they've been sick/tired/working hard/teenagers or b) grounded them for life and canceled Christmas for the next three years for good measure? If you have ever had one of those days (or weeks), doesn't it make you forget, even temporarily, all the good days and good weeks, and all the great things you've done in parenting your kids, and all of the great ways they've shown good judgment and positive attitudes and the caring, loving, wonderful people they can be--and usually are?

Oh--no? You haven't ever had one of those days (or weeks)? No?

Me either.

(I am a good parent I am a good parent I am a good parent....)


  1. oh god yes i have!

    wow. i am blown away at how well you captured that feeling, ya know given that you've never felt that way. ; )

    well said

  2. So far... I'm having that sort of year. Ha. I have high hopes for mid Feb onward.

  3.'ve said it all! My daughter is 25 I am amazed that she grew up to be so well adjusted and I survived. I look back on a lot of the frustrating time and laugh. Of course I wasn't laughing then. :o)

  4. Wouldn't it be nice if there were no bumps in life? Alas, it's not so. Hang in there!

  5. I'm with Valerie...

    My girl is 23 and I came through the journey relatively unscathed. But the journey continues and will until I take my last, I live with this bit of philosophy - Don't sweat the small stuff!

    Be a good guide and role model and they will always have a solid foundation to move forward on.

    For you, I'll post a piece on "the shower treatment" as my daughter refers to it! A funny story of me at my wits end...when I've posted it I'll let you know!

    Cheers, Jenny