Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bridesmaids Movie Night

March 25, 2012

My girlfriend Julieann is a pretty amazing person. Just one of the amazing things about her is that she lets me hang out with her. Another amazing thing? She has a knack for throwing a party. She's all about theme (that may be the English teacher in her). This week we had a Girlfriends' Movie Night, which as far as I'm concerned, she's famous for. If it were me, I'd invite a few friends over, pop in the dvd, and maybe halfway through remember that a good hostess might offer her guests something to drink--which I would have forgotten to purchase ahead of time. Not Julieann, though. She puts time and effort and forethought into her shindigs.

Our movie of choice for this week was Bridesmaids. (If you haven't seen it, you really should. Granted, it's a little low-brow in some spots--it's been called the females' answer to The Hangover--but if that sort of thing doesn't turn you away from movies, you'll probably really love the movie. It's pretty hilarious.) Anyway, Julieann asked us to bring old bridesmaids dresses to show off when we arrived, which I dutifully did. She served food fondue-style, with a chocolate fountain as the centerpiece, which if you've seen the movie, you'll recognize is a nod to the bridal shower scene. She had also created a game where we had to match movie quotes (about friendship/relationships/weddings) to the movies from which they came. Trying to guess if the quote came from Beaches or Say Anything or Finding Nemo or Casablanca, etc., proved more challenging than I would have expected--and I'm a big movie fan! I did not, of course win, because I never win those things. Besides, I didn't have google by my side helping me out, either, not that I'm saying anyone else did. Or didn't.

Unfortunately, we experienced some real technical glitches in the program, but that didn't stop us from having a great time, talking, laughing, singing, and dancing while we took turns trying to make the computer and the t.v. and the projector and the speakers all talk to each other. Turns out, after much wrangling and cajoling inanimate electronic objects, they didn't really want to learn how to speak to each other. We gave up trying to watch in the front room and just all piled into Julieann's bedroom, where the t.v. was smaller, but it actually played the dvd. Small compromise! We didn't care; it was just like one big adult girl slumber party, complete with talking and giggling and eating. Girls need this. We crave this. We are moms and wives and girlfriends and such, and we love those roles, but we have to be able to cultivate and cherish our sisters--sisters by blood or by choice. We GET each other. We KNOW each other. We are better moms and wives and girlfriends when we get the chance to celebrate with our sisters now and then. Celebrate the big things, like weddings, and celebrate the small things, like Movie Night. If you're looking for a big, theme-y message in Bridesmaids, that's what it is, in case you were wondering.

Also, in true Julieann form, she gave us all a parting gift at the end of the evening. For those of you who have seen the movie, you'll also recognize this little homage to bridal shower scene in the movie: we each got to take home a little stuffed puppy. (I took two, in my own little homage.) But, honestly, we got to take home something so much better--the reminder that we all need to get together much more frequently. These times are good for the soul.

Jamie, Julieann, Me, and Heather

All the girls

Miss Julieann

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