Sunday, March 18, 2012

Robotics Wind Up

March 18, 2012

After a really spectacular showing in the qualifying rounds (undefeated), the Bird Brains made through to the semi-final round on the second day. Though they unfortunately got knocked out there, they still made this regional trip one of the best ever for Buchanan. They had the highest single-match score of the tournament (by quite a bit!), were part of the only alliance to manage a three-robot balance on the bridge, and tied for third overall in a field of fifty. Very impressive! I picked up Nicholas from the school at about 10:30 Saturday night after the three hour bus trip back home, and although he was still energized and excited from the experience (he came home with his robotics team shirt decorated with the buttons of about thirty of the teams represented), he was really quite exhausted, as we expected he would be. He gave us a brief account of the trip and humored us our questions, but then asked if he could go to bed. Poor thing was barely able to remain upright. He hit the bed and didn't get up until about thirteen hours later--and only then because I rousted him against his will. Clearly the hallmark of a successful trip! Tomorrow, it's back to the lab to build on what they all learned at this tournament and gear up for the next one in a couple of weeks. Nicholas is definitely looking forward to it.

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