Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In Which My Favorite Drink Turns on Me...

March 28, 2012

In my mini-fridge at work, there is one spot which is inexplicably several degrees colder than any other spot. I mean, I can put three cans of soda in there, and the two on the outside can get perfectly chilled, and the middle one will freeze as solid as a rock. That special 'frozen zone' also moves periodically--you never know where NOT to put the soda can. So today during 7th period, I pulled a can out of my fridge which had clearly found itself in the frozen zone. You know what a soda can looks like when it's been frozen? It looks like this:

And I, in my infinite wisdom, decided that if I let it thaw for a bit, I could pop the top, pour it into a glass, and enjoy a refreshing taste of my Diet Pepsi. I could be patient. I could wait a bit. I set the can on my desk and waited through lunch and even through a bit of my afternoon class. At one point during class, as I'm talking to my kids and we're progressing through our activity, I nonchalantly wandered over to my desk and determined that even though part of the drink was still in solid form, it appeared to have thawed enough to allow me to pop the top, which I did. The POP, in fact, was more like a a POW!! as the soda exploded with force--all over my face, my shirt. Diet Pepsi was dripping from my hair, and from the poor, hapless girl (and, thank goodness, great sport) sitting in the unfortunate seat closest to my desk. Easily the most embarrassing thing I have done in class in a long time. (That, Fate, is not a challenge, by the way!)

In case you're wondering, this is pretty much what I looked like. All I can say is, thank goodness I was wearing a black shirt today. The front of my shirt was soaked. And the biggest downside was that I didn't even get to drink my Diet Pepsi!

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  1. Wow, really funny & really awful & really embarrassing. I am sorry, my friend, but you survived! Maybe that would not have happened if it had been a Diet Coke ;o)