Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Still Not Edible

March 21, 2012

Whenever I travel out of town, especially on my own, I try to step out of my comfort zone a little. At dinner, I often try to order a dish I wouldn't normally order, and I've had some pretty tasty dishes this way. At tonight's dinner, Seafood Pasta was on the specials menu. It had several ingredients I really like: artichoke hearts, spinach, angel hair pasta, tomatoes, shrimp, and a white wine sauce. Sounds pretty good, right? This dish also came with pieces of salmon as a highlight of the dish. Now, salmon and I aren't particularly good friends; I am not a fan of the fishy-fish unless they're swimming around in a tank. (Okay, let's be honest; even then, I'm not a fan. At best, I'm a distance acquaintance. You know--you run into them every once in awhile, nod and smile vaguely, and move on. Yeah. That's fish and me. That's the kind of relationship we have. But I digress....) So. The special of the day. I figured, "Hey, how bad can it be? I probably won't even notice all the salmon with all that other good stuff going on in the dish, right?" Not so much. It turns out, no matter how many wonderful flavors are going on in a dish, if you add chunks of salmon, you're really still just adding what amounts to high-end cat food to the plate. It's just not appetizing, even a little bit. The good news? The rest of the meal was delicious, and the serving size was so big that I could pick out the kitty kibble and still have a sizable, filling, and tasty meal.

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