Friday, May 11, 2012

Student Presentations Sometimes Provide Unintended Levity

May 11, 2012

My students are doing end of the year Humanities Presentations.  The kids choose a particular country and time period, and research the effects of politics, religion, economics, and social mores on the arts of the era.  The kids spend a lot of time delving into the history and the various art forms and often come up with some incredibly informative and often creative presentations.  We even encourage humor as a presentation tool when warranted, although occasionally the humor is unintended. 

Yesterday, one of the presentations was on Ireland.  There was a fully developed power point with some great information and pictures, some Youtube videos, and music clips.  The students were articulate and presented well.  However, it was all I could do to not giggle uncontrollably (and inappropriately) when, in the very serious discussion of the social and economic hardships of the country, the kids kept referring to the "poor pheasants." of Ireland.

This is a picture of poor pheasants(I can't vouch for them actually being of Irish descent, but I imagine Irish pheasants to look something like this.  To be honest, I don't even know if they're poor.  They could be high up in the pheasant pecking-order, for all I know.)

This is a picture of a poor Irish peasant, for the record. I'm guessing this more accurately reflects what the kids thought they were talking about. The pheasant was more amusing to picture, though. 

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