Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Get Delirious in the Purple Rain

May 24, 2011

A week and a half ago, Prince announced a surprise, impromptu addition to his concert line up. On a Friday he announced he'd be coming to Fresno the following Wednesday night. Doug and I, both long-time fans of Prince, both knew it would be amazing to get to go--the kind of opportunity not likely to come along again soon--but we also knew that we simply didn't have the cash to foot the bill on such short notice. We let the idea of us attending the concert come, and then go. Practically speaking, it wasn't in the cards.

Then Wednesday came. Prince songs were all over the radio all day, gearing up Fresnans for the Prince spectacular that evening. Late in the afternoon, we got a text from Doug's sister, asking us if we wanted to attend the concert. Um....duh! Yes! But no, we weren't able to go. She said her boyfriend Larry had a friend who had three extra tickets he was trying to sell, and Lisa was going to get one. Not wanting to go alone, she thought of us for the other two tickets. Tempting, yes, but still, we didn't have the cash. Lisa texted back after we declined, regretfully. What if Larry was willing to pay up front and let us pay him back? Oh man--we couldn't pass it up! And suddenly, thanks to Larry, we had pretty awesome plans for the evening.

Prince was spectacular--definitely worth seeing (and hearing). The man can rock a stadium! And at fifty-some-odd-years, he's still got better moves than a lot of twenty-two year olds running around. He played the hits and the people-pleasers, and was amazing, as always, on both the guitar and the piano. Unbelievable opportunity, and unbelievable night. Thanks, Larry!


  1. Seeing Prince is on my bucket list. I don't like concerts, but I would definitely go.

  2. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice time we had!!!!!!!