Thursday, May 19, 2011

Soccer Dad

May 19, 2011

Danielle recently brought home an essay that she'd written for class. It brought tears to my eyes, and, confidentially speaking, Doug was not exactly stone-hearted when I shared it with him, either. This is why we do what we do, Babe--it matters, and they notice.

Soccer Dad
by Danielle Lutjens

I would give a trophy to my step-dad for helping me with soccer. He is always supportive and looks for ways to help me get better.

Since I started doing indoor soccer, my step dad, Doug, never missed a game. He also cheers for my other team mates. Every person on all of my soccer teams appreciates him.

This year he has bought me goalie gloves, a goalie jersey, and soccer socks. He and I go to the park by our house and he helps me practice for about two hours, twice a week and when I get home from school he tells me to go outside and throw the soccer ball in the air and catch it seventy-five times without dropping it.

Every game for both seasons of indoor soccer that I have played he has come to. One time he cheered so loud he distracted the other team and we made a goal. He also congratulates the whole team even if we lose.

My step-dad is a super soccer dad. He is supportive and I have a great time practicing soccer with him. These are only a few reasons why he deserves this trophy. He is great.

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