Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Say What?

May 11, 2011

Ellen DeGeneres recently asked her viewers to send in pictures of funny signs from around the world. Here is a sampling of several I thought were humorous:

Irony, anyone?
Master of the Obvious. Also, if we don't have it, it's NOT in stock.

I'm pretty sure I would yell AND push the button if I needed help. I'm not sure I like that I would have to CHOOSE between the two. Who can think that clearly in a dire situation?

Farwood. You know, for when it's cold and ya have ta build a far.

Thanks for the warning! I think I'll pass....

Dude, that's one laid-back sign.

Is this a problem that really needs to be addressed?

Sorry; if my choices as a hiker are cars in the road or crocs on the side of the road, I'm going to take my chances with the cars!

And if you cows could clean up after yourselves a little, too, that'd be great. Thanks.

Can you read the smallest line down at the bottom of this sign? The one that reads, "Also, the bridge is out ahead"? But make no mistake, the sharp edges of the sign--that's the important thing.

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  1. Love that last one.

    I have to touch everything, so consider my fingers cut.