Thursday, June 21, 2012

In Which We Apparently Add to Our Family...Maybe

June 21, 2012

The kids were out doing some weeding in the backyard tonight, when suddenly Danielle saw something moving in the weeds.  It was a big something, relatively speaking--not a buggy sort of a size.  Miss Fearless came in and got a flashlight to investigate, because dusk was rapidly becoming night.  (For the record, if either Brianna or I had detected a creepy crawly--big or small--in the foliage, we'd be done.  Time to call it quits and head inside for the night, doors locked ThankYouVeryMuch.)  Not Danielle.  She wanted to know what it was.  Nicholas was right there by her side and caught the poor fellow, who probably figured out pretty quickly that he'd hopped into more than he was expecting out of his night. 

The kids brought him inside and I found a bucket to put him in, where he promptly illustrated that we had quite literally scared the poop out of him.  The kids were pretty amused by it, giggling while we transferred the poor guys to the sink so I could clean up his new temporary home.  Danielle was a little more interested in the mystery of 'I wonder what that is' than the actual 'This could be my pet!' epiphany that Nicholas experienced.  Danielle didn't take too much convincing to allow Nicholas to claim ownership, and Nicholas held him up and declared, "I shall name him Herbert!"  Mom, on the other hand, is still not convinced Herbert is anything more than a temporary guest.

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  1. Ha, no Herbert would have to leave our home for sure.