Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jesse's Girl

 June 28, 2012

My friend Francine and I bonded early on in our friendship over our guilty-pleasure love of 80s, and more specifically, Rick Springfield. Last year we took a road trip to the state fair to see him in concert, so when we found out he was going to be playing in Sacramento this summer, we knew another girls' night out was in the cards.  We got there early enough to get great seats, and of course we had our roses to give him (a signature part of his show--'playing' his guitar with the bouquets, showering the stage with the petals).  The picture below is him actually using the bouquet I handed him!  As always, he put on a fantastic show, and I just love that Francine is such a fearless super-fan that she makes sure she gets recognized in the audience at each of his concerts she goes to.  This was only the second one I've gone to with her (she's been to several), but I'm pretty sure there will be more in our future. 

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