Thursday, June 28, 2012

They're Getting a Little Too Bold; They Might Be Hatching a Plot

June 28, 2012

You might remember a few days ago I posted about my unfortunate run-in with a June Bug--one that dug its tiny little feet into my hair and held on for dear life, much to my dismay.  Well, ya'll, it seems something is afoot up on our front porch.  I mean, during the summertime, it's not all that uncommon to see three or four of them taking up residence on our front porch screen, but tonight--well, tonight was the stuff of horror films, or at least my own little nightmares.  Maybe they were angry about the way I'd treated their kinsman a few days ago.  Who knows?  Maybe in June-Buggy-World, that was beloved old Aunt Marge, and I'd taken a swat at her.  Clearly those bugs talk amongst themselves, and I am no longer held in high regard, if ever I once was.  No, they're out for revenge, hatching a plot to intimidate me.  Frankly, it's working.

 Tonight I opened my front door to take out the trash, and all of Aunt Marge's relatives, even the distant ones, had made their way to my home.  And normally, these ugly creatures are pretty static and mellow, give or take the random erratic and hyperactive one, but tonight they were all hopped up on their mutual sense of indignation.  As soon as the door cracked open, they set their sights on dive-bombing me!  There was buzzing, there was hissing, and there was screaming.  (The buzzing and hissing was theirs; the screaming, most decidedly mine.)  There were June Bugs on the porch screen, there were June Bugs at my feet on the mat, and there were June Bugs flying through the air.  Before I could even slam the door shut, there were June Bugs flying IN MY HOUSE.  The kids laughed at me until a few of the bugs decided my loved ones were fair game, too.  Then it wasn't so funny.  Hubby came in to check out the commotion, and though he is none too fond of the creatures, he at least managed to get them all back out onto the porch and out of the house.  I hope we sent a message that we wouldn't back down without a fight, but if they come in for the attack again, I'm going to have to sneak out a side window for the rest of the summer any time I've got to leave the house after dark.  Clearly, they have it in for me, and they're telling their friends.


  1. Okay, so I'm staying at Dad's this week.

  2. Ha ha, kiddo--you're coming here to scare 'em off!

  3. OMG!!! That was halarious, but at the time I am sure scary. I had an encounter at one time Florida with spiders. Paul was at work, I was getting ready for bed in this tiny 40X10 ft. trailor we lived in on the beach. I saw a spider, about 2 inches or more in diameter crawling up the wall in our 10X8 bedroom. I flipped him with Dennis' burp cloth. Spider fell to floor and scooted away. In the meantime, his white egg, about an inch in diameter stuck to the wall and split opened and hundreds of tiny baby spiders went up all over the wall, All I had was a can of hair spray for defense, and needless to say, they were stuck all over the wall. In fear of mother spider still somewhere, I got Dennis and we went next door to spend the night. Next day I had a mess to clean up on the wall. That following eve., I was sitting on couch, burping Dennis which was only a couple weeks old. I turned my head towards him as he was over my shoulder and at that time, Mama spider, so that is who Paul said she was, was about to crawl to my shoulder from the back of couch. Needless to say, we moved from that place on the beach. haha. We still had encounters of lots of little/big creatures where ever we moved, but did not leave a forwarding address for mama spider to find our new residence.