Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Birthday, Part Two

June 14, 2012

Doug's band had a gig scheduled on my birthday, so we just decided to make the whole night out my birthday party.  I invited tons of friends to come celebrate with me and rock out to the band at Uncle Tom's.  It was really an amazing night!  The boys sounded fantastic and I was surrounded by great friends the whole evening. 

Jen and Brent

Victor and Michele
Darren, Rosa, Kelly, and Shirley

Brent and Me
Doug and Joe
"The Coffee Group"
The Gledhills
Mitchel and his date
Rosa, Me, and Kelly

I love how much these guys enjoy playing together!
Dave and Kris
Val, Me, and Jennifer
Michele and Pat
JIm and Me
Rick and Me
My beautiful chocolate cake from Giuseppe Gallo's.
Wendy and Me
Wendy, Brent, Jen, and Me
Joe and Wendy.  Adorable!
Doug and Dennis

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