Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Pinterest Kind of Summer

June 19, 2012

Every summer when I'm on break from school, I vow to shake things up a bit by trying new craft projects and new recipes.  Often, though, good intentions fall by the wayside, victim of inertia and routine.  This summer, however, I have Pinterest to spark my motivation.  It's not that there's necessarily ground-breaking stuff on there; as a matter of fact, probably a lot of what's on there is common fare for most people.  I go to the boards and think, "Hey-I could make that! It doesn't look hard at all!"  And so, I have resolved once again to change things up in the kitchen and in the home--try out some new things which, perhaps, can move into the regular rotation once the school year kicks into gear again.

Here's today's lunch, courtesy of Pinterest.  It was delicious, by the way!

Grilled Caprese Sandwich

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